Kongsberg i-cut Suite

i-cut Suite boosts the efficiency and profitability of large format production, regardless of the type, source and variety of the incoming job information.

Kongsberg i-cut Suite

Sign printing software to streamline your workflow. Eliminate errors, save time and reduce waste with i-cut Suite. i-cut Suite is a collection of pre-production software targeted specifically at users of large format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems.

Eliminate bottlenecks

i-cut Suite tackles all bottlenecks in your workflow. From preflighting PDF files, preparing graphics, creating layouts, to printing, and finishing in perfect registration. i-cut Suite streamlines every step of the way.

i-cut Suite is the perfect solution for sign printing

A lot of people are using Adobe® Illustrator® to prepare jobs before they are sent to the printer. Why not use dedicated sign printing software? You will work faster and more accurate.

Automate your workflow

Automation Engine allows you to automate your entire prepress production process. Preflighting PDF files, preparing graphics, creating layouts, it is all done automatically by the server.

Through Mac or PC clients, operators can easily monitor the workflow. Users can intervene when necessary through a comprehensive job status list. Jobs are processed automatically, freeing operators from repetitive tasks.

i-Cut Automate Flow

Find out more about automating your workflow

Sign printing software

A sign printing or large format printing workflow has its own set of issues and bottlenecks. The i-cut software tackles these issues with a set of modules that fit any signage printing workflow, no matter what brand of press you’re working with.

The i-cut Suite offers everything you expect from sign printing software: from preflighting incoming jobs, over optimized sign layouts, to enhanced cutting accuracy with visual registration. Adding grommets? Not a problem! Accurate front to back signage printing? Not an issue! Tiling large format graphics for trucks or store windows? The i-cut Suite has all the dedicated functionality on board.

Cutting plotter software for signage

Whether you are printing signage on large format printers or finishing signs on smaller cutter. The i-cut sign cutting software has all the tools to ensure that you maximize the sheet layout and reduce your material costs.

i-Cut Suite Sign Printing Software

PDF preflighting saves time and solves problems before it’s too late. Don’t waste time figuring out why certain PDF files won’t print, just preflight them and fix it quickly in i-cut Suite cutting plotter software.


Nest any job in the most economical way: rectangular, true shapes, double sides jobs… An optimized nesting layout saves substrate and reduces production time.


i-cut Layout is perfect for oversized jobs and billboards. Irregular tiles can be defined for special applications: exhibition booth corners, wall coverings, store displays...

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