Enfocus PitStop Server

PDF preflight automation


PitStop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process by:

  • Monitoring multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, emails and network hot folders
  • Intelligently routing your files for PDF preflight and correction
  • Fully automating delivery and archival of production files

PitStop Server automates onboarding, preflight and PDF file repair while providing access to functionality that broadens your approach to workflow automation.

  • Use existing PitStop Preflight Profiles and Action Lists
  • Automated PDF preflight & correction
  • Automated repurposing of PDF files
  • PDF transparency flattening
  • PDF Color Management
  • Automatic pickup and delivery via FTP and email
  • File sorting, routing, renaming and archiving
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Zip and unzip job folders

Expand your PitStop Server automation by integrating third-party solutions with buy-and-download simplicity.

Enfocus Appstore offers a variety of applications to enrich and improve your PitStop Server environment.

Most of the apps are available with a 30-day trial or are free to use.


Connect with even more applications

Switch is more than a workflow automation platform, it's also the flagship of a new movement.

A movement of print production professionals who don't want to adapt to all-in-one, vendor-specific workflow solutions.

Because they believe that technology should follow their process, and not the other way around.

Switch automates your processes regardless of your print applications or devices by giving you all the pieces you need for your workflow to work your way.

Do you want direct communication PitStop Server? 

Get under the hood and access the engine using the command-line interface.

Pass instructions from your business front-end systems to PitStop Server for a more dynamic solution.

Access PitStop Server's PDF to image capabilities.

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